An abdominoplasty is a procedure that flattens your abdomen by removing

Cosmetic Nose Surgery

A Nose Job (also known as Rhinoplasty) is an operation to change the appearance

Body Contouring

Surgical body contouring following major weight loss removes excess sagging


Lipomatic is a type of liposculpting in which the excess fat will be removed

Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Our experienced surgeons offer breast augmentation (enhancement) with

Revision Rhinoplasty

Patients who are looking for a revision or secondary rhinoplasty challenges the skills

Laser Lipolysis

Laser lipolysis gives traditional liposuction a fat-busting boost.For those seeking

Facial Rejuvenation

When considering facial rejuvenation treatments, it is important to have a

Dr. Kazem Zargari

Plastic Surgeon

 Specialist in cosmetic surgeries in Karaj, Iran: Rhinoplasty, Breast implant, abdominioplasty, lipomatic, fat transfer
He was graduated from general medicine in 1999 and started his work in 2001

Facial Filler

Facial fillers are temporary to long-lasting solutions administered through a few tiny facial injections on specific areas of the face. Various types of facial fillers are available; each is designed with one or several purposes, such as wrinkle reduction and lip augmentation. A qualified dental or medical professional can help you determine which facial injections and what injectable fillers treatments are right for you


Neuromodulators such as Botox and Dysport and Xenomin are agents that block muscular nerve signals, which in turn weakens the target muscle limiting or nullifying muscle contraction. The action of Botox, in turn, results in diminished unwanted wrinkles in the target area. Botox has multiple uses and can be used to treat crow’s feet, forehead furrows, frown lines, skin bands on the neck, etc